Thursday, December 16, 2010

Done with CONSUUUME posts for a while

Did you know I've had this blog for two years? Let's see what I did last December.

Am I an old lady? - Turns out, I'm just like an old lady. I love frilly things, cardigans, homemaking, and I ordered my first bottle of perfume ever the other day. It arrives this Friday! It's a lovely scent with ylang ylang and patchouli (yes, I'm also a hippie), and it starts out briefly with citrus, and ends with the warm and fuzzy notes of sandalwood and a spiced smell that others have characterized as basil, but reminds me more of nutmeg, peppercorn, vanilla, fruit, and honey.

Similies, metaphors, and analogies. - Yep, this site is still disorganized and makes me angry.

ZOMG MY MOM SENT ME TREATS FROM TAIWAN - Funny thing. I ate most all of those. Now I have a different pile of Asian treats in my new place that exists still from their last visit in the fall. I will never be without Asian treats, I think. The thing that I don't have that I miss the most? Those weird rice crisp crackers that are salty-sweet.

Yeah I skipped a week - I laugh at this. My new goal is four posts per month.

Rule: Watch this video and get into the season. Any season. With Pomplamoose.

I would apologize for the randomness of this post, but I'm sick, so NO APOLOGIES! HA!

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