Monday, January 25, 2010

January, where did you go?

So I've been working on this Christmas present for an awesome friend of mine for a couple of months now. January is here, so uh, the first part of my present is kind of useless. So I figured there'd be no harm in sharing it online.

I suppose I should really have set little mini-deadlines for myself, but sometimes, art just doesn't work that way. In this case, it's because the numbering of months is really tedious. *sigh* oh well. back to work.

Rule: Get all the tedious parts of a project out of the way first, when you're super excited about, then the fun stuff might keep you motivated enough to keep up the pace.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If you are having troubles with the "tights are not pants" concept

Here is the rule:

If the top you are wearing could be mistaken for a mini-dress WHILE ON YOUR BODY, tights = ok as emergency ass-cover.

If the top you are wearing can not be in any way construed as a mini-dress and is mostly a long top WHILE ON YOUR BODY, tights = unacceptible.

I don't care if you borrowed your friend's tunic and it is plenty long on her, if you feel like you would have to take the tiniest steps in an enclosed, windless space in order for nobody to see your business in only the top, you should really put some pants on. If you could take long strides and maybe flash side-thigh action, but not really any butt cheek and definitely no cooter, tights or pants will do.

I promise I'm working on a better post. It's about handwriting. Get ready!