Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seriously comma Ikea question marks

Um, take a look at this:
Sad, ugly Ikea Hatten table

What the hell, Ikea. I thought you were supposed to be the purveyor/arbiter of all things stylish, forward-thinking, design-conscious, and lingonberry. SWEDISH! I mean Swedish.

Why on earth did you create the sad "Hatten" table? Admittedly, yelling, "HATTEN!" as though you've lost a child (with an unfortunate name) or like you are saluting some mad dictator is really amusing. However, it doesn't justify this table.

Rule: Don't ever buy this table. And also, don't ever make something like this again, Ikea. You've suddenly constructed a bunch of walls that we've worked very carefully to gently dismantle. I don't know if I can trust you. Perhaps it's best if I stayed at my sister's for the weekend.

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Jessface said...

I had to verify on the ikea website that this was tru fax. Seriously, what the hell? Ikea usually has such good taste. Also, the clear version of the table looks like a jellyfish. Nolie.