Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My teefs hurt

Hi all.

Got some wisdom teeth out recently. Apparently my nerve endings are a bunch of pansies because I'm still in pain. Read a bunch of stuff about dry socket (which I don't have, but am paranoid about getting). There are all these question-answer sites floating about that it's easy to get an answer to any question you have just by searching. The reliability of the answer is another matter. One of them caught my eye. For some reason, some guy felt compelled to qualify his credibility as an authority on pain by saying that he'd been in a lot of street fights and had been stabbed once. Dude also said that dry socket was the worst pain he'd ever felt in his life. Terrifying.

Swallowed some stitches today. The knots come off as the thread dissolves and they look like little spiders. So, doubly terrifying because a.) AUGH A STITCH POPPED OUT and b.) AUGH SPIDERS!! Nobody wants to think about little stitch spiders crawling around in their esophagus. Which... I just made you do. So. There we are then.

That's it. That's my blog post. Gonna take some uber-tylenol now.

Rule: Don't get dry socket; it's worse than stabs.

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Jessface said...

A dry socket isn't so bad, but the cure for it isn't fun. They stuff some medicated gauze down the hole -- which feels good once it's there, but the stuffing sucks. Do not stress about getting one -- it's not really painful, just kind of a dull throbbing.