Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time to revise old writing.

A bit of lighthearted fun in considering everyday objects.

Spends its days making some ideas more important than others. It is the color of citrus fruits sent in from joyful, sunny places. Eye-attractant, it pulls your attention like a burly sailor pulls a man who's gone overboard. Something this powerful shouldn't cost under a dollar. But you're not going to tell the corporates that. It's an interpreter of text, a summarizer, a distiller of meaning. It's a cylinder of controlled liquid epiphany. It is your cue to say, "Aha!"

Ballad of the TP

Toilet paper rolls
Sit soft and white
Like unhatched eggs in a nest.
They wait in the dark cabinet
Only to have their lives
In the light.

Rule: Make yourself look at your old writing. Cry a little bit. Then try to make it better.

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