Thursday, December 18, 2008

If you thought you hated the Christmas season

Try talking to a personal assistant. Don't get me wrong. My job is awesome and my boss is fun. But if you ever happen to hire a personal assistant for yourself some day, here are some rules for the holiday season:

1.) Either you buy all your Christmas presents for people yourself and deal with the consequences. Do not buy a Christmas present, realize the shipping isn't what you thought it was going to be, then make your assistant run all over town finding a popular but specific item the day of.

2.) Please don't make your assistant go to the mall. Please.

3.) Make sure he/she knows in advance. Like advance advance. Advance does not sound like, "Oh I forgot-" or "CRAP! Can you-" or even "Hey, you know I should probably bring something tomorrow."

4.) Please let your assistant know where you are going for the holidays, when, and what level of contact you want to be with him or her.

5.) You know what's better than giving your assistant a physical present? Giving them time off.

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