Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey, if you're a person designing some sort of, like, flyer or something or if you're writing a paper or doing something that involves letters that are going to be imprinted on the retinas of people, please choose your typeface carefully. Please make it legible, and not take up a stupid amount of space. Or, OR don't choose a type that smooshes all the characters too close together, like lots of "western, cowboy" fonts do. Lastly, wingdings, webdings, otherdings are not as clever as you think they are.

- Comic Sans
- Impact
- Lucida Console
- Fonts ending in ding
- Arial (it's just ugly and should only be used to legibility on the web if necessary. sorry.)
- Monotype Corsiva (who the hell came up with this font? FUGLY. [edit: found out who came up with this font. Still ugly. Esp. on the computer screen])
- Curlz MT (should only be used if you sell scarves to blue-haired piano teachers or people who wear ratty sweatshirts that have appliques of kitten vignettes)
- Kristen ITC (should only be used if you are retarded)
- Tempus Sans ITC
- Haettenschweiler

You know what? Here:

Try typing "kinetic typography" into youtube for other awesomeness. See also T-Pain's new video "Can't Believe It" for use of this and basically one of the best music videos I've seen in a long time.

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Jessface said...

I got in the habit of using Arial because half of my profs requested it. And I was like "whhhhy!?" It takes up more space, so if you like to cheat on space for a paper, I guess it does the job. But why would someone prefer to look at that?