Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The boy made up a good term

Rule: It's totally okay to lie about blogging about your trip to Ft. Lauderdale later.

Yeeahhh, not many rules there; just the wonderful ocean.

Rule: Karaoke should actually be dominated by the sadly mediocre and blatantly terrible.

Come on, if we wanted to listen to someone sing "Respect," we'd go listen to a CD of Aretha Franklin. The point is to exhibit how bad you are at singing, and how good you are at entertaining. Or getting the audience to sing along.

Rule: Do not read your own poetry publicly unless:

A.) You are invited to read it at an organized reading
B.) You are a douchebag
C.) You are at a poetry slam and your poem is awesome or terrible. That is, no in between.

"Because really," the boy said, "Poetry slams are just poe-oke." (that's poetry + karaoke)

Well said, boy. Well said.

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